About Rev. Carol Lockhart McClendon

Rev. Carol Lockhart McClendon began the journey into conscious awareness of the Great White Brotherhood and their teachings in 1984 during a seminar with a very well known and respected channel, Dr. Carla Neff Gordan. During the break-through portion of the seminar, Rev. McClendon channeled for the first time. Life as she had known it changed during that seminar and thankfully it was never the same!

Rev. McClendon was looking for something her whole life even though she did not know exactly what “it” was, but she knew there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing. She had searched in her church, waiting for them to tell her when it was the appropriate time. As a young teenager at church camp she had experiences of the connection to her guides but no one believed her telling of the voices she heard. Finally at the ripe old age of seventeen, she figured out that they were either not going to tell her or that they may not even know what “it” was!

So she searched and searched, finally giving up and started her family becoming the mother of two very active sons. Then she spent the next twenty-five years raising a family and becoming the owner of her own company and working ninety hour weeks, and thought that must be what “it” was about. But something was always missing and she knew it, but why were more people not searching like she was or was she just crazy?

She entered into a period of her life where many members of her immediate family made their transition and when the “mothering” part of her life was truly over, she then began to totally focus on her life instead of what others wanted for her. Consequently she moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and again began a search that landed her in the seminar that changed everything and began a passion that to this day is still evolving.

That passion has proved life will never be boring again. And every thought that had kept her safe in life began to be challenged and then began to morph into a way of life that to this day has complimented “the way of the path.” Memories from childhood began to surface. The beliefs of a five-year-old came back; about being here on Earth, yet belonging somewhere in the stars where the true home was. Also memories of being able to see auras, and in times of stress, jumping out of the body and going up into the corner of the room for safety until everything calmed down before coming back into the body. As these memories came into clarity, she began asking her mother questions about her childhood memories. Her mother told her wonderful stories about a Mrs. Jones who had to have her own place setting at the table and the tea party! Her mother also shared memories of conversations with Mrs. Jones, yet she was told to not do that in front of others! For some odd reason these stories gave her comfort and again life became much more meaningful with the remembering of these stories years later. She began to read and understand that this “Mrs. Jones” was a guide or guardian angel, if you will, and that made her realize that this world is “watched” by loving beings that care for us and direct us if we would but listen.

As the story began to unfold she realized she never really fit anywhere completely. And she must have another purpose that was more than just being a worker bee, or the mother, or the business owner. When the channeling began in the seminar, the complexion of life took on a different tambour. The fulfillment of life that she had searched for was being laid at her feet to explore and experience!

To this day the explorations and experiences have filled her life with such JOY as to make life full and productive. It was at this time that the Great White Brotherhood began to present information that was very timely and uplifting to others who began to appear “searching” as well. This information has morphed into a body of work that is ever on going and brings comfort to others in a world that has now become increasingly challenging to live in and prosper financially and spiritually. Those two things can and do come together and “are everyone’s divine right” as told by the Brotherhood.

Rev. McClendon went on to obtain a ministerial affiliation with ADL Ministries and founded Chapel #1122. Through her ministerial chapel she does private counseling with clients and conducts private and group readings locally and internationally. She has authored her first booklet on the Mapping Process (link) which prepares the individual’s personal energy field for the creation process. She is currently writing on the Manifestation Process with the use of sound. (Services link here)

Rev. McClendon hopes to supply anyone looking for that “passion” to be revealed in his or her own personal path, a vehicle that provides for his or her world a peaceful, serene, productive approach to life. A life to be lived with a level of JOY that will allow each one to reach a level of attainment that is ever on going as well.

Rev. McClendon asks you to take from the Great White Brotherhood’s teachings that which applies for you and to let the rest go. These teachings are ultimately designed to allow each person the ability to uplift their vibration and consequently their lives, and to receive/channel information, again, anytime anywhere.

Hopefully this information will help you live your life to the fullest in the midst of chaos. A quote from the Great White Brotherhood, “Where Love is chaos cannot exist.” Make this a truth for yourself – live your life in a state of Love and Allowance. Make this life a walking living meditation powered by standing in your power. Again another quote, “Power is not about power over another or anything, but standing clearly in your power. Doing this creates that walking living meditation.”

If you choose to take this information into your life just remember another message from the Brotherhood, “It is not about exclusivity, it is about receptivity.” Be receptive and let the unseen ones talk to you as well. It is a gift to you from them. God’s speed to you on your chosen path!

Rev. Carol Lockhart McClendon