As a spiritual trance and conscious channel, Rev. Carol Lockhart McClendon has been working all her life in her “Personal Passion for the Truth” to help others know their own personal truths as well. Carol uses a process of working with spiritual guides, the Christ Consciousness, the Council and the Great White Brotherhood. These energies work with each individual to explore questions related to this life, past lives, future lives and parallel lives, as well as working with the client’s energy system. During your session these energies will work with you and your energy system to open your “channel” so you can access your information from your guides more readily and easily to become totally independent as well.

During a Reading with Rev. Carol Lockhart McClendon You Will Receive:

  • Etheric energy work to help open your own channel
  • A broader view of your life’s challenges and possible pathways to follow
  • Information & Guidance on:
    • Life Lessons
    • Past Lives
    • Future Lives
    • Parallel Lives
    • Personal Questions of any kind
    • Your life purpose
    • Your spirit guides and angels
    • Karmic connections with others
    • Soul decisions and how they relate to your life here and now.

Carol can offer further clarity after your reading through the images that she sees while in trance.


The session fee is $160.00/hr. There is a 1- hour minimum, and a 24-hour cancellation/change policy. Carol accepts appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only.

She has many years of transcriptions and tapes directly related to various topics including:

  • manifestation
  • electro-magnetic fields
  • processes for protection
  • breathing exercises that raise your vibration
  • and many more
  • etheric energy work
  • A broader views of your life’s challenges and possible pathways to follow